We are part of the village that transforms youth

Things We Need to Better Serve Our Youth



Many of the juveniles in the detention center have parents/guardians who bring toiletries to them. Unfortunately, some of the juveniles who enter the center have no one to bring them personal hygiene products. The following items are needed, and must be new and in their original container unopened: toothbrush; toothpaste (tube type); bars of soap; plastic soap container; plastic container (shoe box size with a separate lid - no screws); deodorant (solid only); pairs of new or used black, white, or grey athletic shoes; new electric razor; facial bar (soap for acne); feminine napkins; sports bras (no metal wires; new hairbrush (no metal); hair bands without metal wire. 

School Supllies

The youth attend classes inside the detention center, in an effort to not disrupt their education. They are allowed to have white, 3 ring binders (1 to 1 1/2 inches), soft folders and notebooks (soft cover), and pencils.

Games and Books

Collin County Juvenile Detention focuses on rehabilitation instead of punishment. As a result, the center has a low recidivism rate. The youth are allowed to engage in fun activities, which helps them complete the program and become well-rounded. They are allowed to read books (appropriate content), play board games, and have puzzles.

White T-Shirts

The youth like to utilize their creative and artistic gifts, and display them on white t-shirts. The t-shirts are sent to local children's organizations for fundraising events.